Chitwan National Park (CNP) is situated 120 km southwest of Kathmandu in the tropical and sub-tropical inner Terai lowlands.Chitwan National Park (Chitwan means "in the heart of the jungle) covers 932 sq. km. in the flat lowland region of southern Nepal.This National Park is the first national park of Nepal established in 1973 to preserver a unique eco-system significantly valuable to the world. 
The most important sub-tropical park is popular for Great One-horned Rhinoceros, the famous sloth bear and leopard, four species of deer, wild boar, the elusive Royal Bengal tiger, two species of crocodile (marsh mugger and the harmless Gharial), monkeys, python, fresh water dolphin and many other animals.
The park is a paradise for birds. More than 450 species of resident and migratory birds are found. In 1984 when UNESCO included this area on the list of World Heritage Site, the park has gained much wider recognition.

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