Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Nepal is popular for among the travelers those who really seek for peace and paradise. Nepal is the hub of Buddhism because this is the country where Maya Devi gave birth of Lord Buddha. So Nepal the land where Lord Buddha was born.It  offer various type of Buddhist tours. The major sacred places covers with this tour are Boudhanath stupa, Swayambhunath stupa, Namo Buddha,and Buddha’s birth place Lumbini.

 Nepal has decent followers of Buddhism and you can enjoy your holiday with Buddhist communities in every visited Monastery and Stupas.  The Buddhist pilgrimage tour stars from Kathmandu where you will visit, the largest Buddhist stupa ‘Boudhanath Stupa” monkey temple “Swayambhunath Stupa” and  some historical durbar squares. We will take you to the hilly area Nomo Buddha one of the best shrines with Himalayan views.The most attraction of the tour is “Lumbini” where you can explore the various monastery named with different countries and the historical Maya Devi Temple,Asoka pillar etc.  After visit of Lumbini we will take you back to Kathmandu by flight. This tour is not only for pilgrimages propose but you alsocan enjoy the trip with historical aspect. 

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